SimDK is a VMware vSphere4 simulator which provides vSphere4 API-compatibility for official vSphere4 clients and other applications built using the vSphere4 SDK.



A short video demonstration of SimDK is available on the YouTube (4:35).


A presentation has been assembled that reviews SimDK at a very high level and is available in multiple formats:

The recommended version is the video format because it includes a voice-over explaining the content that is being presented.


SimDK provides developers and administrators with many useful features:

  • Simulation - SimDK allows developers to configure VMware clients and SDKs to talk to a locally hosted, simulate environment.
  • Emulation - It is possible for SimDK to provide a vSphere4 compatible interface on the front-end while the back-end is configured to communicate with a third-party hypervisor such as Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer.
  • Learning - If nothing else, SimDK offers the most insight for developers into the inner-workings of the vSphere SDK. If developers are interested in exploring how the vSphere SDK was built, they can browse the SimDK source code and learn how a simulator was built to behave the same way from nothing more than the vSphere documentation.